On average, we achieve an 18% net return within 60 days on our investments.

Succeed with our highly motivated and specialized team. Choose the assets you would like to be a part of, or negotiate a specialized agreement that caters to your needs. Be a part of the process with instant updates of all activity related to your investment or simply choose to receive a weekly e-mail with important information for the more hands off investor. Joint venture opportunities are available. These opportunities include obtaining an agreed upon return regardless of the assets involved. What we do..

A typical transaction (how it all works):
  • Market Tampa acquires a property previously approved by you,
  • Verifies clear title,
  • Conducts pre-planned improvements and renovations as needed,
  • Market and sells property through multiple facets including, but not limited to, groups of investors, multiple listing services, and various
    online websites and mediums (over 2,000).
All while providing detailed accounting throughout the process.

Contact us today to create an additional income through real estate within your busy lifestyle. Achieve double digit returns with tangible assets and expert individuals working to increase your bottom line.

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